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Proudly Ranked in the top five elementary schools in Utah

631 South 1100 East
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 688-9311
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Valor Hall is the Number One Private School In St. George!

Valor Hall Receives Best of St. George Award 2013 & 2014!
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Valor Hall Academy is proudly recognized by The Johns Hopkins University for their support of students with high academic potential!

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If you are considering private schools in St. George, Utah, don't be just another number, be the brightest in the box at Valor Hall Academy, the premiere elementary school in Utah!

Looking for schools for gifted children?

With its small classrooms, individualized attention, custom tailored curriculum, and high standard academics, students and parents alike value the education at Valor Hall Academy.

This video illustrates numbers and how alike they are to one another. Nothing stands out or grabs your attention. This is similar to some public schools in St. George Utah, where students are lost in the crowd.


Valor Hall is the premier pre-school in St. George Utah.

At Valor Hall Academy School in St. George Utah, students become the brightest in the box. Teachers give them individual attention and customized curriculum to fit the needs of each student. In the video a change happens, colors start to pop and differences in value becomes clear when comparing a quarter to a penny. The best elementary school in St. George Utah is the number one choice; Valor Hall Academy where today's students become tomorrow's leaders.

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Why should I enroll my child in Valor Hall?

 At Valor Hall elementary school and preschool we are dedicated to developing the whole child, going beyond the usual and into the extraordinary. Since each student is unique, with special talents and abilities, we custom-tailor an educational experience to fit each one, with these components:
Our highly-trained educators teach from a challenging curriculum developed by a Christian university, as well as from other textbooks written by respected authors.

Valor Hall was founded with the express purpose of integrating a solid academic curriculum with the moral and spiritual values common to all religions.  It is the only non-denominational Christian school in Washington County. Each Valor Hall school day begins with a devotional that focuses on a character virtue such as courage, determination, honesty, discipline, kindness, modesty, perseverance, reliability, service, etc.  The day continues with positive values interwoven throughout the curriculum.

With a highly personal approach to education and a maximum of 16 students per classroom, Valor Hall's emphasis is on meeting the needs of each student. Just as the fastest ships in a convoy can be crippled by moving at the rate of the slowest vessel, high-achieving students can be hindered in the same way, and must be allowed to progress at their own pace. At Valor hall, you may find a 4th grade student in a 6th grade math class and vice-versa, depending upon the student's needs and abilities.

Since its inception in 1996 as a private 501(c)3 non-profit entity, Valor Hall has consistently outperformed the local public schools academically.

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